Rock blonde hair and dark brows

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Published on September 3rd, 2016 | by Sasha Muir


Rock blonde hair and dark brows

It’s a big worry for those looking to lighten their locks – what to do about my eyebrows? If you’re against dyeing them too then why not embrace your darker hair, just make sure you do it in the right way.

Take Cara Delevingne for example; the model and actress is a style icon with her bushy brows and light tresses. To create the same impact, we have some expert tips on how you can pull off blonde hair and brown brows with ease, and not look as though you’ve drawn your features on.

Karen Brown of Hair by JFK, and a salon owner, explains this is a good look to stand out from the crowds and that having the same shade hair all round is history.

“When you match your brows to your hair colour, the look is very natural and quite soft, contrasting is a confidence-boosting alternative: whether it’s slight or drastic is up to you,” she told Cover Media. “Wearing your brows much darker with platinum hair, is a look that is meant to be deliberate and edgy, which we are seeing a lot more of in the salon.”

This trend has been worn by the likes of actress Michelle Williams and Kim Kardashian even experimented with a bright yellow finish. However, the latter didn’t necessarily work as well as others, and some blondes just don’t do the appearance justice. So Emma Apps, lash and brow expert at Lash Perfect Mark Smith, has some recommendations on the shade.

“It’s more of a personal choice thing, but I would say: ashy – White blonde can look really strong with a deep, dark brow,” she smiled. “I would avoid any warm tones and think a thicker brow would look better, you’re doing it to make an impact so it needs to be substantial – I’d even say manicuring it too neatly/sharply would go against the vibe of the look.”

Be wary though, as Skyler McDonald, Creative Director at seanhanna salons, points out that this is a high maintenance finish. You’ll need to keep your hair root regrowth to a minimum, or else attention will be diverted.

“Regular trips to the hairdresser can be exhausting and expensive, but this look requires commitment,” she noted. “Because your dark brows are a similar hue to that of your regrowth, they will make the new hair growth more obvious than usual. Just be sure to apply conditioning treatment on a regular basis if you’re using bleach to keep your hair as healthy as possible.”

It’s best to test first, as Denise Rabor, international make-up artist and founder of Wow Beauty, explains.

“This look is not just limited to blondes,” she added. “To find the right contrast for you experiment with a darker brow pencil and/or a tinted brow gel before opting for a more permanent look.”

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