Prismatic make-up

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Published on October 5th, 2016 | by Simon Taylor


Prismatic make-up

Prismatic make-up
Last month (Sep16) saw Fashion Weeks give as good as they get, especially in Milan. The beauty trends were out in full throttle and one of our favorites was the brightly-coloured face make-up on the Max Mara catwalk, which opened out the peepers and drew onlookers in.

It took to the cheeks as well, each model rocking vivid shades which popped against their skin. While Tom Pecheux’s drastic effect is a tad bit risqué, we’re not against giving it a go on a Saturday night out!

Yes, the colors on the runway were bold, but if you pick a shade that will suit your skin tone and enhance rather than take over, you won’t look a fool.

Fair Skin
Fair-skinned beauties, we suggest going for pastel tones like pale pink, baby blue or cream. Olive-skinned stunners can pull off deeper shades, like copper and a grass-green (it sounds daunting, but applied in the right way it’ll work!), while dark-skinned ladies can try out reds and deeper purples.
How to Apply and which Brush to use
As for how to apply it, you want to use a stiff brush at first to create neat lines. You’re going to ignore the lid and take one color starting from the outer corner of your eye to your hairline instead. Using a small blending brush, soften the shade so sharp lines disappear. Taking your second color, apply from the outer side of your cheek apples up to your hairline again, just underneath your first shade. As before, blend into a softer finish, though be careful you don’t make the effect disappear all together.
Keep it Simple
Keep the rest of your face simple; nude lips and a slick of mascara is all you need to complement the colors.
If you opt to use eyeshadow to create this trend, you could try slicking on a primer underneath to help it set – anything stickier will create a messy finish. Alternatively, you can use face paints, and if you can’t find your desired shade try mixing a few together for the perfect tone.


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