Maintain your tan

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Published on September 14th, 2016 | by Simon Taylor


Maintain your tan

Anyone who returns from a holiday with a golden tan knows how good it feels to glow when it’s raining out. But if you want it to last you need to give your skin some extra TLC, as when you wash and dry the top layer of skin cells flake which, over time, will reveal your natural skin tone once again.
We’ve rounded up some great tips and products you can follow/use to keep your tan up for longer.
Emma Coleman, skin wellbeing specialist and skincare founder, notes how important it is to moisturise to prolong your tan when you return to potentially lower temperatures. As mentioned above, the less dry your skin is, the longer it will stay golden.
“Use a body oil or cream each morning after your shower, taking the time to massage really well into arms, legs and feet,” she explains to Cover Media. “Even better, if you have both types of product, blend them together in your hand before applying.”
Applying to wet skin means it sinks in better too, as pores are open from the steam of the shower, making it the ideal time to moisturise.
“Keep cool,” Maria-Louise Featherstone and Danielle Featherstone-Price, co-founders of Strip, true experts on skin, add. “Overly hot showers and baths can affect the skin’s delicate barrier, stripping essential oils which can lead to dull, dry skin and peeling (not a good look!).”
The pair also stresses the importance of hydrating from within, pointing out that “water is key”, and you can also get moisture from foods like cucumber and watermelon.
Dr. Leah Totton, who won the 2013 series of Britain’s The Apprentice, runs her own cosmetic skin clinics in London and Essex and has some tricks up her sleeve as well. She points out that as great as it feels to sunbathe, the UV rays can really damage our skin so that tan may come with premature ageing if you’re not careful.
To keep skin looking subtle and youthful with your tan, Dr. Totton suggests a peel. While you may wonder, ‘Doesn’t this strip the outer later layer of skin?’, just one will help remove dead and damaged skin caused by the sun and leave you looking more glowing and fresh with your tan.
There’re some great products you can rely on too, especially after-suns. Whether you go for Nivea Sun After Sun Moisture Moisturising Soothing Lotion or Clinique After Sun with Aloe – known to soothe – top up often to stay tanned for longer!

Maintain your tan

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