Have we fallen out of love with our hair?

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Published on September 21st, 2016 | by Ashley Benson


Have we fallen out of love with our hair?

For many women, hair and make-up go hand in hand. You wouldn’t spend time on one and not the other, and whether you rock free flowing hair a la Britney Spears, a short do like Lena Dunham, bleached locks to rival Kylie Jenner or are a brunette beauty like Katie Holmes, now is the time to embrace what you’ve got.

Haircare brand Charles Worthington recently commissioned research to find out how British women feel about their hair and the results were shocking; only one in ten surveyed said they actually like the way their hair looks.
While negative body image and even Body dysmorphic disorder are widely reported on, not loving your hair is not as talked about.

“Women tend to have a very uneasy relationship with their hair because – unlike guys – it tends to be seen to define us and our personalities, with words like ‘Blonde’ or ‘Brunette’ providing a stereotypical view of character and behavior,” life coach and psychologist Judi James told Cover Media. “I get many women asking me if their blonde hair or their long hair could be holding them back at work if they are seen as stupid or childlike or even overtly sexy.”
Women in London liked their hair the best (19 per cent), while Scotland was the place women felt most frustrated by theirs.

Other shock results include 79 percent of women having still not found their perfect haircare regime, 26 per cent admitting to being in a hair rut and 47 per cent not understanding their hair and how to make the best of it.

To combat all this negativity, the team at Charles Worthington has launched the Love Your Hair Campaign, which aims to get women to fall back in love with their hair. When you take into consideration that 61 per cent of those surveyed agree that when their hair looks good, they feel more confident, it’s a worthy cause indeed.

“Simple changes like using the right products can make all the difference to your style and really help to keep your look current,” brand ambassador and A-list stylist Ken O’Rourke smiled. “It’s all about building enough confidence to find a style that suits you. Sometimes it’s as simple as switching from a conditioner that was right for you in your 20s to one that offers extra body in your 40s. We want to encourage women to experiment with new products, styles, and looks so that 10 out of 10 women love their locks.”

You can follow the campaign on social media by searching and tagging #ShairTheLove, @KenORourke1, and @CWHairLondon.

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