Change your face using your hair

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Published on August 2nd, 2016 | by Ashley Benson


Change your face using your hair

We mix up our hair styles and cuts to change our appearance, to give ourselves a boost of confidence and keep our locks in overall good condition. However, many of us underestimate how different one can look just by switching our tresses, instead turning to needles and knives to make ourselves look better. Keep things simple and take on board these tips if you want to highlight or draw attention away from particular facial features.

Emma Leslie, editor of, has shared her way of giving your face more structure. “For adding definition to the cheekbones, a shorter and choppy bob will draw the eyes to the cheeks and help to make the face look more sculpted,” she told Cover Media.

This isn’t the only way you can give the illusion of killer cheekbones though, as Andy Heasman of RUSH Hair also has some tricks up his sleeve. The bob is a classic which he believes can transform “everyone and anyone”, as it’s a style that frames one’s face.

“The sharp lines and defined edges created a great architectural line and provide great structure to the jaw line,” he noted. “It really draws people in and is a style I love recreating in many different ways.”

Or if you’re not brave enough to go for the full chop, he recommends the lob; long bob. This is a finish he believes opens a person’s face to create a fresh, ‘wow’ expression thanks to its form.

“The heightened layers and different lengths bring in the structure of the jaw but also highlight the bone structure within the cheekbones,” he enthused.

This isn’t the only way to give yourself a more open appearance though, as the high ponytail is another great way to give a youthful look and “fake a face lift”.

“Taking the hair back to the crown, brush through, creating a smooth and flawless surface,” Andy explained. “Using a tight bobble will pull the face back, taking away lines and really taking years off! Finishing with a great shine spray is essential when making this look work.”

So what for those wanting to soften their square features? Emma suggests texture with curls, or a side parting, to give a more relaxed finish, while a long cut with long loose curls add angular detail to a round face.


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