Which shade of LIPSTICK is right for you?

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Published on October 16th, 2015 | by Olivia M


Which shade of LIPSTICK is right for you?

Does it ever happen to you that you see a breathtaking lip colour on a magazine and YOU don’t buy it. The feeling is terrible, isn’t it? You are not alone, most of us want both the bright and not-so bright colours to be added to our make-up.

But do you know if it’s the right shade for you? Let’s find out.

Start with the basics – It is only human to look natural and start from the basics. Make-up being an essential part of skin care, you must always be picky. Rule of thumb, when buying a lipstick always remember it is to enhance your lip colour.

While shopping remember to pick a few shades darker, than your original skin type. This way you will never go wrong.

Know your skin tone – There are so many lipstick shades to try out, you will never get tired. But the first step is to try out colours, knowing and understanding your skin tone.  Try out these shades on your arm and understand the skin tone, if your veins are not that obvious after applying the shade, then you drift towards warmer tone.

If you are veins are visible and the wrist still looks pale, you are cool toned girl. Although if you don’t understand the skin tone, ask any help that should be able to guide you.

Mix and match – For warm skin tones, look for shades like orange and yellow undertones. Caramels, light pinks with a hint of red, nude with light pink, there are some other colours that would look great!  For cooler skin tones, bluish and pink undertones are a wise choice.


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